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Camp TAI grows wings and goes free to touristy Orl's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in Camp TAI grows wings and goes free to touristy Orl's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
4:32 pm
I just received the following e-mail from Huey, who by the way is awesome and fantastic and everything...
" From : Amanda Huey
Sent : Sunday, March 26, 2006 9:30 AM
To : tai_flyaway@hotmail.com

| | | Inbox

okay so it's Huey. Obviously.
I forgot to say in my post(s) about Friday night a few things. We talked about way too much for me to put everything in there.
But I wanted to let you guys know I mentioned the flyaway idea for next year. Tom and Butcher (they were the ones out there at the time) got sosososososososo excited. They think it's an amazing idea and can't wait, and they said they HAVE to be a part of it. And we all decided that they won't be on Warped 2007, so they'll be free and set off time and stuff. So I just wanted you aware that I told them, I dont' know if I was allowed, but it slipped anyways. and then I was like "shit, I hope that's okay to tell them.." but they love the idea and are really really excited to be a part of it.


This means a few things:
1. It is 100% going to be in Chicago.
2. It is 100% going to be in the summer of 2007.
3. We need to get cracking on planning this, so that we can get the funds necessary.
Tuesday, March 21st, 2006
6:50 pm
Many people wanted to see airplane prices as opposed to Amtrak and Greyhound Prices.
Keep in mind that Greyhound and Amtrak can take up to like 3 days. (Boring, in my opinion)
Price comparisons...Collapse )
8:48 am
Alright...the lump plane ticket prices didn't seem to go over very well. So, we can nix that idea.
Here's a sample of adult ticket prices from various airports to Chicago.
Keep in mind, these are subject to change.
All prices are round trip.
Ticket prices under the cutCollapse )
Monday, March 20th, 2006
10:09 pm
Okay, basically, I had a ton typed up before this, but my computer sucks, and froze, and I lost everything.
So, Reader's Digest version...
We're going to Chicago in the summer of 2007 instead of Orlando in the summer of 2006.
Rather than everyone paying separate prices for airplane tickets, we're going to lump the sums of all of the plane tickets and have everyone pay the same thing. Averaging 7 US airports and one airport in London, the price for each person comes to $297 for plane tickets.
For the hotel, a Hilton in Chicago has group rates. I figure 35 people are coming, and we'll have four people to a room. This means, we will need nine rooms. Each person will pay $213 TOTAL for all four nights.
Activities in Chicago:
According to the Six Flags website, groups of 20 or more will pay $31 per person and will receive one ticket free for each 20 people.
Shedd Aquarium is $17/person.
The Science and Industry museum has days where admission is free; however, otherwise, it's $11/person.

Ed Debevics has party menus, and one of the meals is $12.95/person. The rest of the time we can fend for ourselves? Maybe? I'm trying to find other catering options at other restaurants, but so far I'm not finding anything.
So, it looks like, minus the personal shopping and meals, that the flyaway would cost $550/person.
I would recommend bringing about $85 for food and shopping, so that's like $635/person.
I think that this is semi-reasonable considering everything.
Let me know what you think.
Thursday, March 16th, 2006
4:54 pm
ALRIGHTY KIDS! I am now helping Sofia with the daunting task of organizing this flyaway. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Sarah.
First of all, I need to say, please, get off Sofia's back. She's young, and doesn't need crap. She's just trying to organize a fun weekend for all of us. I know that not all of us want to go to Orlando, but look, Warped Tour falls conveniently on a Sunday. It works really well, since it's not Father's Day weekend, and it's towards the beginning of the summer and most family vacations tend to be at the end. We may wind up going to Chicago next summer (2007), but right now, we're trying to plan a flyaway for a lot of people in a matter of about three months.
OKAY, with that said...I need to know people who have definite interest. It is my responsiblity to organize names, ages and addresses of those who are planning on attending. Sofia is working on the money side of the project. So, yes. ANYONE who is interested, please fill out this form:
Instant message screen name (I have all three major messengers):
What airport you would be flying out from:

E-mail that information to tai_flyaway@hotmail.com.

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